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The Isle of Cipit

By January 4, 2014 Design 2 Comments

“Shane has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil.” That’s what my mom always says. It’s true. I have been doodling and creating since I can remember. I loved to draw. My first true love was comic book art. As a kid walking through the book stores I quickly judged a book by its cover, and continued to collect titles if the story was as good as the art. I created tons of my own characters, and many homemade books where they fought each other throughout the dark cities of Northern California. I knew one day I would illustrate some awesome books. Like one of my favorite comic book artists Eric Larson, I lost most of my collection and childhood art in a fire.

Beezink had only been online for about a year when I was commissioned to create some character sketches for Author Nancy Brooks out of Stockton California. She worked only a town away from me, so after a dozen or so commissions, I finally drove down and met with her one day for lunch. Nancy was full of life, and always wore a friendly smile. She had a ton of stories to tell, and has truly inspired me. She works hard, and is very dedicated to her craft. Over the years I have created over 50 character sketches to help her promote her books. We haven’t worked together much in the last couple of years, but we stay in touch and talk almost every day. As of 2014 we decided it was time to move on. Time to move on to the next book. Actually the first book. A new version of the first book. Below is the first look at the cover art for Nancy Brook’s Graphic Novel, The Isle of Cipit, Illustrated by Shane Burke. (That’s me) We will be working on this new exciting project throughout 2014 and could use all the support we can to get.


The Isle of Cipit by Nancy Brooks.

THE ISLE OF CIPIT COVEREverything was going according to plan; captive miners were extracting the last of the buried treasure, the next phase of their mission was about to commence, and the future was beginning to seem brighter. In one single moment, all hell breaks loose: adrenaline pumps through his veins in torrents as screams of a dozen terrified men propel a mercenary commander onto a dangerous path in a desperate attempt to maintain control. Fueled by the near-fatal incident, unsettled by a confrontation with a creature neither animal nor human, Kiarme is determined to eliminate the threat by any means necessary—even kidnapping American students who may have crucial information. Knowing he’ll have to kill Maggie to keep the island and mercenary plans secret, he struggles between loyalty to his men and his ardent need for the beautiful woman who has suddenly stolen his heart.

Watch for more information and updates in the near future.   2014 is going to be an exciting year!

Please visit to see more about Nancy and her books.

Shane Burke,



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