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Live on Line Art Classes by Shane Burke

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After many requests, I have decided to offer art classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced artists.

With the wonderful world of technology, Beezink offers live video conferencing via Skype and HD camera feeds to provide high quality instruction for all artist levels.


This course is designed for beginner artists as well as advanced artists who are interested in learning basic drawing skills and techniques — or simply want to improve their work.  It will cover some of the tools you’ll need and also give you plenty of time to practice the methods and techniques demonstrated by Shane Burke.  We will sketch everything from simple shapes and objects, to people and human anatomy, to some of your favorite places, and much more!   It’s recommended that you take your time and practice outside of class while going through this course.

During my first private art classes, I was quickly bored with the basics and wanted to move on to more advanced work.  The last thing I want to do is bore you.  With the beginner course, we will start with what may seem very basic instruction, and follow up with an advanced lesson using the same basic skills and fundamentals to create more advanced work.

You’re going to learn about:

·    Artist’s tools 
·    Values
·    Shading techniques
·    Lighting
·    Perspective
·    Drawing a still life
·    Drawing animals

·    Drawing people

Are you going to be an expert artist after the course?  Probably not.  But I promise if you master a few basic techniques your artwork will significantly improve from day one.    You can expect to have the knowledge and training you need to improve all of your work, and learn to look at everything you see in daily life in a different way.  And this will help bring your minds images to paper.   Over time you should be able to draw whatever you see, with realistic shadows and perspective.  You’re not going to be judged or graded on your skill.  Your taking this course to improve your work.  However, I will provide feedback, point out strengths and weaknesses, and suggest ways to make improvements.

Course Topics:

Introduction to Drawing

The Tools You’ll Need — and How to Use Them

Looking at Things You Can Draw

Seeing the World as an Artist

Drawing Lines

Lights and Shadows




Composition and Planning Drawings

Drawing Memories

Drawing a Still Life

Trees and Flowers

Drawing Animals

Drawing People


Course Requirements

The course is open to anyone and everyone, with or without drawing experience.  The only book required is a sketch book.  A computer with a high-speed internet connection, webcam for immediate feedback (recommended but not required)  and desire to improve your artwork is all that’s needed.  As well as a basic art set.  Recommended art supplies listed below, but a piece of paper and a pencil should get you started.

Course Materials

You’ll need a 4H, 2H, HB, 2B and 4B.   Pencil Sharpener.  9×12  (or similar size sketch pad) Kneaded eraser.  Straight edge.  Blending stumps.

The class will have drawing activities which will require a computer scanner and/or digital camera to upload for feedback.  A webcam and microphone is required for immediate feedback.
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