For Design:

Send a written description of your project along with any samples or sketches to along with deadline and any special requirements.
Please provide any copy and/or imagery that will be included in the design.

For Portrait art:

Send your digital photograph or description of your project to along with the image size and any special instructions. Shane Burke will reply with a quote based on the size of the image, number of subjects painted or complexity and detail of the image, and estimated shipping charges, if any.

For Custom Illustration:

Email a written description of the project with sample images or links if possible. Please provide deadline if there is one. When an agreement is made on pricing and deadline, a deposit is required before any work will begin. This is generally 30% of the total cost of the project, and usually covers the cost of materials and secures your spot “in line” and the time needed to complete the piece by your deadline. Normally within a few days, Shane will email a draft to review. If there are no changes needed in the concept or layout, Shane will finish a final draft and email the image. As long as their are not any changes required, final payment is due to ship your art. If your artwork is digital, your project will have a water mark on all copies untill final payment is recieved.

PayPal prefered, money orders excepted. Checks excepted from limited banks.