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Photo Re-touching and restoration

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No need to bubble wrap or ship one of a kind photos to unknown places. Restore your photos digitally and eliminate all the risk of losing your precious photos, or damaging them even more.

restored photo

Digital Photo restoration at just about any level can be done with Photoshop and a little talent and training. Simple color balance, bad lighting, or red eye can be fixed quickly by almost anybody with the right software. But what about those wrinkled, ripped or even torn photos? Water damage, mold, or scratches? Restoring those photos are possible as well. With a little time, elbow grease and Photoshop, Beezink can restore those damaged family photos back to their original glory, or even better! Remove the ex-girlfriend, add a missing family member, or even change the background.


Beezink also provides photo enhancing and re-touching. Let’s face it. Nothing makes it to print without being touched up. But if you have it done correctly, it will go unnoticed. Women have pores. Some airbrushing is done, blemishes are removed, but nothing over the top. Again, it should look natural.

woman rt1


On his photograph, I made minor color corrections, adjusted the levels, softened the skin and wrinkles, removed blemishes, and added subtle highlights to the eyes and hair, and added a little color to the lips.


woman rt2


The next photo was touched up the same way. Basic color correction, levels, and skin softening. Nothing major, and still very natural looking.



older woman 3

This image had drastic changes. After the basic color corrections and level adjustments, I added some color to her hair, and softened her wrinkles significantly, and smoothed out the skin.


shirtless man 2



On the last photo I focused on building muscle tone. I started by giving him a tan, and bulking him up very slightly with the liquefy tool on the neck and shoulders. Then I airbrushed some muscle definition with highlights and shadows and overlaid it onto his body. Each element should look completely natural, and unnoticeable without seeing the before photo.


Shane Burke,


Painted Pet Portraits, by Shane Burke

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You love your pet.  I get it.  I love mine too.   Capture your pet buddy’s personality on canvas, with a hand painted portrait by Shane Burke.  When you commission a portrait of your special companion for yourself or as a gift, you will receive a high quality hand painted portrait shipped directly to your door.  Commissioning a well known artist can be very expensive and the time spent waiting for your work can seem like a life time.  Shane offers great accuracy and attention to detail in each piece, with fast turnarounds, and affordable rates.

Charlie is my three year old Malamute.  I recently rescued little Jackie; a lab pointer mix, and the two together are quite the pair.  Little Jackie rarely gives Charlie a break from wrestling and chewing on him, but I was lucky enough get a quick snapshot off with both of them looking up at me.  They grow so fast, and I wanted to make sure I had lots of photos of it, at ended up creating this great piece that now hangs in my living room.

Charlie and Jackie

How long does it take? 

Depending on the size and number of subjects, pet portraits take 1-2 weeks to paint and be ready to ship.   Each piece is meticulously bubble wrapped and boxed, and ships FedEx ground.  In most cases, packaging and shipping costs are under $25.00 including insurance, and should arrive in under 5 days.

Pet pencil portraits are usually complete and ready to ship within two days.  Each piece is shipped USPS priority in a protective envelope and should arrive in under 5 days.  Including insurance and packaging, shipping charges are usually around $10.00

How much do custom pet portraits cost? pricing 

Shane Burke,

Commissioning an artist on a budget

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Lets face it.  Good work isn’t cheap, and cheap work isn’t good.  That being said, you still have a budget.  Shane Burke and Beezink believe art and design work should be affordable to everybody.  Especially startups and entrepreneur’s who need it most.  Whether its a logo, brochure, or web graphics, there are always options to allow a little wiggle room for your budget.  color samples small


Limit colors to save money:

On this image, the original black and white line art did not take too long.  The color options are what eats up your design time and your budget.  The price for these 3 images is dramatically different because the time it takes to create each image is dramatically different.   Obviously the image on the right looks a lot better than the other images.  But think about your project and ask yourself if the left or middle image would serve the same purpose.  You could save up to 50% on the project just by using solid colors.


Buy in Bulk:

You have 20 characters you need designed.  Get all 20 designed.  Piecing them out to 20 separate commissions is going to take a lot longer, and likely cost a lot more.  Most designers will give discounts when you buy in bulk.  Sometimes character templates can be created and reused to create new unique characters.  This also works well when creating logos, letterhead, flyers and other advertisements.  Reusing graphics from previous designs keeps costs down, and keeps your brand consistent.

bad applesBackgrounds: 

Detailed backgrounds can take just as long or even longer than the original character art.  Can your artwork serve its purpose without a background or a limited background?background samples

These are just a few quick easy ways to keep a little control of your design costs.  If you received a quote that is a little outside your budget, consider some of these options.  Finding a cheaper designer may not be your best choice.  Remember, sometimes keeping it simple really is your best option.

Shane Burke,


The Isle of Cipit

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“Shane has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil.” That’s what my mom always says. It’s true. I have been doodling and creating since I can remember. I loved to draw. My first true love was comic book art. As a kid walking through the book stores I quickly judged a book by its cover, and continued to collect titles if the story was as good as the art. I created tons of my own characters, and many homemade books where they fought each other throughout the dark cities of Northern California. I knew one day I would illustrate some awesome books. Like one of my favorite comic book artists Eric Larson, I lost most of my collection and childhood art in a fire.

Beezink had only been online for about a year when I was commissioned to create some character sketches for Author Nancy Brooks out of Stockton California. She worked only a town away from me, so after a dozen or so commissions, I finally drove down and met with her one day for lunch. Nancy was full of life, and always wore a friendly smile. She had a ton of stories to tell, and has truly inspired me. She works hard, and is very dedicated to her craft. Over the years I have created over 50 character sketches to help her promote her books. We haven’t worked together much in the last couple of years, but we stay in touch and talk almost every day. As of 2014 we decided it was time to move on. Time to move on to the next book. Actually the first book. A new version of the first book. Below is the first look at the cover art for Nancy Brook’s Graphic Novel, The Isle of Cipit, Illustrated by Shane Burke. (That’s me) We will be working on this new exciting project throughout 2014 and could use all the support we can to get.


The Isle of Cipit by Nancy Brooks.

THE ISLE OF CIPIT COVEREverything was going according to plan; captive miners were extracting the last of the buried treasure, the next phase of their mission was about to commence, and the future was beginning to seem brighter. In one single moment, all hell breaks loose: adrenaline pumps through his veins in torrents as screams of a dozen terrified men propel a mercenary commander onto a dangerous path in a desperate attempt to maintain control. Fueled by the near-fatal incident, unsettled by a confrontation with a creature neither animal nor human, Kiarme is determined to eliminate the threat by any means necessary—even kidnapping American students who may have crucial information. Knowing he’ll have to kill Maggie to keep the island and mercenary plans secret, he struggles between loyalty to his men and his ardent need for the beautiful woman who has suddenly stolen his heart.

Watch for more information and updates in the near future.   2014 is going to be an exciting year!

Please visit to see more about Nancy and her books.

Shane Burke,


Questions and Answers with Artist Shane Burke

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I was recently interviewed by a publisher for a short bio on their website.  Below is a sneak peak at a few of the questions and answers. 


What is your favorite medium to work in?

That’s a tough one.  Pen and ink was my first love.  But over the years acrylics have grown on me.


What captures your eye and makes you want to translate that vision into artwork?

I believe I look at the world through different eyes than most.  I see depth, value, contours, horizon lines, vanishing points, contrast etc.  I look at things as simple as the road while driving, and how I would create the scene on a sheet of paper.   But new things seem to inspire me most.  A new road I haven’t driven down, a new idea, new moment, new person, new feeling, or even a new pen or pencil and new pad of paper.


What style would you say is your specialty? loveblue

Since I was very young I thought the more accurately you could render an image, the better the artist you were.  I have dedicated all my life to realism, and I believe that is what I am best at.  As I grew older, I realized great artists render a feeling, emotion or idea, not just realistic images.  Now I do my best to create both.


Do you have any unique techniques that you use?

As a young man walking through the art museum I wasn’t sure what made good art.  I still don’t.  But Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn makes me stop every time.  I enjoy the contrast from very dark to bright in his work.  I like to use similar dramatic contrasts with lighting whenever possible, and let the contrast form the image.


If you could create your dream project, what would it be and why?

Since I was a kid I loved comic book art, and studied my favorite artist’s work.  I have written stories in my head that are decades old.  My dream project would be to get all of those stories onto paper for others to see and hopefully enjoy.


What do you love best about being an artist?

I do a lot of commercial art, but private collectors are usually more emotionally attached to the work I create for them.  Most of my work is sent out in the mail, but whenever I can, I like to deliver them myself so I can see their reaction.  I feel great honor and pride in creating something so dear to a collector’s heart.  And incredibly lucky to be able to make a living this way.


Shane Burke,


Custom Wedding Invitations and Special Occasions

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Custom wedding card designs, Save the dates, and special events and occasions 
Hosting a stylish and elegant wedding or special event  is easier than ever with Beezink’s custom wedding invitations and save the date cards. Beezink offers stylish and elegantly designed bridal shower invitations, engagement party invitations, and save the date cards.  With Beezink, everything is designed to your specifications and 100% original.  There are tons of affordable places to buy beautiful pre-made designs for your special day.  But if you are looking for cards as unique as you and your event, commission Beezink to design your custom invitations that reflect your style and your personality.  This is your big day, after all.  Make it yours.

getting married 400x500

folded travel wedding




pam and chris







Children’s Books Illustrated by Shane Burke

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Shane Burke has been hard at work with Author Shelley Sleeper to create some fun and exciting Children’s books with unique ideas and colorful artwork.   Working with Shelley has always been a lot of fun, and I am truly inspired by her dedication to her craft.

After teaching first and second grade for over a decade Shelley Sleeper decided to take what she learned from teaching and put her knowledge into writing books she felt were missing in the world of children’s literature. She has written three board books and four picture books with many more are in the work.  To see more of her books, please visit www.shelley


How much do you love me coverHow Much Do You Love Me?  Written by Shelley Sleeper.  Illustrated By Shane Burke 

A parent and child explore amazing places all over the world to show that the love they share for each other is taller than the tallest building and deeper than the deepest sea. At the end you will find fun facts about all the places visited in the story.



Lets get our Wiggles out CoverLets Get Our Wiggles Out.  Written By Shelley Sleeper.  Illustrated by Shane Burke.

It’s an interactive book that has been proven to ‘de-wiggle’ hundreds of children. Teachers will LOVE what it can do for a classroom of wiggly students! Parents will LOVE what it can do for a few rowdy kids and kids will LOVE how fun it is!




What Do Cows Dream About?  Written by Kelsey Bonham & Shelley Sleeper.  Illustrated By Shane Burke. 

This fun and silly book makes imaginations soar. We’ve thought of a few things cows might dream about to get you started but the possibilities are endless and so is the fun. The fun doesn’t stop there; you’ll find fun facts at the end of the story, because learning is fun too!


What do Pigs Dream About Cover

What Do Pigs Dream About?  Written by Kelsey Bonham & Shelley Sleeper.  Illustrated By Shane Burke. 

This is the second book in the series about what animals are dreaming about. This time we take you through the imagination of a Pig. As always there are facts at the end of the story to keep you learning.




My Special Story. Written By Shelley Sleeper.  Illustrated by Shane Burke.

One couples journey to creating their family. A true love story.




Please visit for ordering information.


There are more books to come, stay tuned!

Shane Burke,


Beezink Logo Design Samples

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Check out some of the Logos created by Shane Burke at  All logos are vector art created in Adobe Illustrator.  Clip art is never used.  AI files, EPS files, and PNG files are provided for best quality web and print results.  A professional logo indicates an established credible company, and can help round up return customers, create brand loyalty, and help separate you from the competition.   A great logo will give potential customers confidence in your company, and help it grow. Let Beezink brand your company with a great logo and Corporate Identity package.


Logo spread

Logo Design packages start at $250.00  Call or email for complete quote.




Check out more of my work in the gallery page.


Shane Burke,


Live on Line Art Classes by Shane Burke

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After many requests, I have decided to offer art classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced artists.

With the wonderful world of technology, Beezink offers live video conferencing via Skype and HD camera feeds to provide high quality instruction for all artist levels.


This course is designed for beginner artists as well as advanced artists who are interested in learning basic drawing skills and techniques — or simply want to improve their work.  It will cover some of the tools you’ll need and also give you plenty of time to practice the methods and techniques demonstrated by Shane Burke.  We will sketch everything from simple shapes and objects, to people and human anatomy, to some of your favorite places, and much more!   It’s recommended that you take your time and practice outside of class while going through this course.

During my first private art classes, I was quickly bored with the basics and wanted to move on to more advanced work.  The last thing I want to do is bore you.  With the beginner course, we will start with what may seem very basic instruction, and follow up with an advanced lesson using the same basic skills and fundamentals to create more advanced work.

You’re going to learn about:

·    Artist’s tools 
·    Values
·    Shading techniques
·    Lighting
·    Perspective
·    Drawing a still life
·    Drawing animals

·    Drawing people

Are you going to be an expert artist after the course?  Probably not.  But I promise if you master a few basic techniques your artwork will significantly improve from day one.    You can expect to have the knowledge and training you need to improve all of your work, and learn to look at everything you see in daily life in a different way.  And this will help bring your minds images to paper.   Over time you should be able to draw whatever you see, with realistic shadows and perspective.  You’re not going to be judged or graded on your skill.  Your taking this course to improve your work.  However, I will provide feedback, point out strengths and weaknesses, and suggest ways to make improvements.

Course Topics:

Introduction to Drawing

The Tools You’ll Need — and How to Use Them

Looking at Things You Can Draw

Seeing the World as an Artist

Drawing Lines

Lights and Shadows




Composition and Planning Drawings

Drawing Memories

Drawing a Still Life

Trees and Flowers

Drawing Animals

Drawing People


Course Requirements

The course is open to anyone and everyone, with or without drawing experience.  The only book required is a sketch book.  A computer with a high-speed internet connection, webcam for immediate feedback (recommended but not required)  and desire to improve your artwork is all that’s needed.  As well as a basic art set.  Recommended art supplies listed below, but a piece of paper and a pencil should get you started.

Course Materials

You’ll need a 4H, 2H, HB, 2B and 4B.   Pencil Sharpener.  9×12  (or similar size sketch pad) Kneaded eraser.  Straight edge.  Blending stumps.

The class will have drawing activities which will require a computer scanner and/or digital camera to upload for feedback.  A webcam and microphone is required for immediate feedback.
Feel free to email me with any questions at



Shane Burke,

Creating Art that Sells

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When an artist’s sales are low, they often comfort themselves by remembering that Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime.  You do not have to passively except a slow career, however.  Van Gogh did not have the internet or any of the other huge variety of media avenues that we have at our fingertips today.  Taking an active approach to your career is what is necessary in order to get those sales up to where they should be.

The first thing to seriously consider is the art market surrounding you.  Different parts of the world and specific regions of your given country will always lean towards one form of art or another.  These trends can either be stable or dynamic, depending on the city.  If you are not sure of what the current climate of the art market is in your area, then observe the political and cultural atmosphere in other disciplines.  These aspects of society tend to always govern the type of art that is popular at any given time.  For instance, areas that are more conservative will tend to lean towards representative pieces that are not extremely political in their subject matter.  If you are in an area where your work tends to be going against the mainstream, then you can either move to a different location or adjust your content.

As painful as it may be, artists must also take advantage of social media outlets.  These outlets provide a wonderful means for making contacts in the art world with people who you would have no personal contact with otherwise.  Facebook and Twitter also give individuals that do not go to art galleries on a regular occasion the chance to view your work.  It may seem like a stretch to think that anyone buys art based on what they see via Facebook, but it actually happens on a regular basis.  You should join groups of artists that have created communities online specifically for other artists.  Doing this further enhances your opportunities to get work into respected galleries.  Joining artist communities also has the added advantage of letting you get direct feedback on your work the moment you put it online.

The idea of the hermit artist is not completely viable in the 21st century.  The world is so intimately connected that people expect to be able to find information about the people from whom they are purchasing work.  Given this fact, it is necessary to have some personality.  You do not need a full blown persona by any means; however, it is wise to get some interesting information about your work and yourself into the public eye.  Salvador Dali, an extremely wealthy artist by the end of his life, was well aware of this.

Like most things in life, the art market is also subject to odds and statistics.  In order to increase your chances of selling more work, increase your level of productivity.  Not every piece of art that you produce will appeal to everyone, no matter how amazing it is.  The more work you have out there, the better your chances of selling pieces.  Although, you should not become an art mill and end up hurting the integrity of your body of work as a whole.  Creating artwork that is below par for your level of skill can end up lowering the market value for all of your pieces.

People that sell artwork on a regular basis are depending heavily on collectors.  Someone that buys one piece of your artwork is much more likely to buy another versus the average person walking in off the street.  You want to develop a base of support, essentially.  Doing this requires keeping track of people and building a mailing list so that collectors can follow your progress over time.  When people feel like they know whats going on with your career and credibility, it is easier to peak their interest in purchasing work.  In addition to personal collectors, keep track of the art market as a whole.  The art world at large tends to collect pieces that it deems to have universal appeal and content that fits into the larger picture as it relates to art history and society in general.  Personal identity pieces or geographically specific content are the types of pieces that tend to be overlooked in the long run.

Shane Burke,